From Existing to LIVING, One Step At A Time

Although addictions manifest in countless ways, at the root of many are deep-seated issues with self-worth. Whether this stems from a singular event that happened in life or a repeated series of events, a person got the message at some point that he or she was not valued or was valued less than (something or someone else). Often this is translated in the mind as the person being unloved or unlovable.

Although it may not be totally obvious with some people, all people, deep in their DNA, just want to be loved and accepted. When love is not given, a major void is created and pain is the result. Addictions are born of this pain as people either seek to run away from or cover up the pain or to make it go away altogether, only to have it there waiting for them when they come down from the high.

… all people, deep in their DNA, just want to be loved and accepted.

Learning to Love Takes Time

Until individuals learn how to love themselves or to give themselves the love not received in the past, efforts to reduce the pain will likely continue. Learning to love is very doable thing but the process takes time. When a person is actively involved in an addiction and is regularly making choices that harm both him/herself and everyone he/she comes in contact with, it can do 2 things: “prove” to the person that he/she is indeed “bad” and unlovable, and also make it even harder to climb out of the self-hatred hole.


Healing Starts With Love

When you look at this person as a beautiful human being that is just deeply hurting and desperately in need of love, it can soften the tension and make it less difficult to provide that much-needed love. It is here where healing can start and the desire to live a better life can begin to take hold.

I’d love to hear what you do to practice love, both to yourself and to others in your life. Comment below or shoot me an email to share your thoughts!

Always Here to Support You,