From Existing to LIVING, One Step At A Time

As I write this post, I consider that it could apply to everyone. However, on the road to recovery as you become painstakingly aware of every thought, feeling, and emotion, and as you work to bring more order and productivity to your life, I think considering this subject can be a vital part of your success as you navigate rehab and recovery.

Negativity is everywhere. It’s on the news, in our social media feeds, and, more harmfully, in our own heads. How does it get there? Even as you try to stay positive all the time, you might notice you bounce back to negativity faster than you’d like to. Research shows that our brains are more likely to pick up on and respond to negative information in our lives than it does positive. It has to do with primitive survival, something I won’t get into here, but essentially our brains are hard-wired to look for threats. On a basic and primal level, we look for bad stuff so that we can think a way around it and ensure survival for another day. Fast forward a few million years, and here we are, no longer in danger of becoming extinct at the claws, jaws, or paws of a large predator. But our brains still look for and respond more actively to threats. This can put us in a really negative headspace as our brains still look for something to solve. Since there’s really nothing to immediately solve, we can easily slip into anxiety and depression.

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How to change the channel

As an evolved human, you can do something about this. You can limit the amount of negativity flowing into your eyes and ears. A few ways to do this include turning off the national news and only allow local stories and sports. Limit your scrolling of social media or unfollow the people that only seem to see the glass as half-empty. Spend less time with the Negative Nellies and Pessimistic Petes and limit your exposure to certain types of music that deliver negative lyrics (country and R&B tend to be real downers… try actually listening to the woeful tales the singers are telling). On the flip side, subscribe to uplifting podcasts and read or listen to encouraging books and stories. Keep your Spotify following and radio tuned into lighter artists and sounds. You could even start a positivity feed or group in your social media sphere.

I’m not suggesting you totally ignore the world around you or that you bury your head in the sand. However, eliminating some of the negative and soaking in the positive can go a long way toward keeping your head clear which will help you to continue making choices that are right for you on your recovery journey. I’d love to hear your ideas on how you plan to keep yourself in a high-vibe headspace. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Always Here to Support You,