From Existing to LIVING, One Step At A Time

No! In fact, there are countless ways to start your road to recovery. The 12 steps program born out of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is certainly the most well-known way to get started, but some people need more help, especially in the beginning. Therapy and counseling are often needed to address deep-seated trauma that may be contributing to the addictive behavior. Rehabilitation, often referred to as “rehab” or “treatment” may be needed if the addictive behavior is so compulsory that the person needs to be removed from his or her environment completely and be placed under round-the-clock care and supervision. In addition, if the person is chemically addicted, medication may be needed to avoid a fatal withdrawal and such medication is usually only prescribed in a very controlled environment. If the addiction is primarily behavioral vs. chemical, coaching can help change mindset, thought, and behavior patterns to put you on a more positive and productive life path. Often times, more than one path can be taken simultaneously (for example, rehab and counseling or therapy and coaching). It’s important to find what works best for YOU, and since every person is unique, the path will be different for each individual. Check out this link for explanations on different types of recovery options: