From Existing to LIVING, One Step At A Time

Short answer: The rest of your life!! However, often times you may be left without the structure and stability of whatever program you were in. There is a big push when you start your journey. You made this big decision, you took the steps to make it happen. There’s momentum and excitement and the day-to-day work of it all to keep you going.

Once the program ends, however (and keep in mind that some programs never really end, which is a whole other thought in itself for another blog post), you may be left with feelings of loss, anxiety, and uncertainty, among others. What now? Furthermore, you may be left with more questions than answers. You may feel more lost than found. More torn down than built up. More powerless than ever, and more afraid you’ll screw up this new life than you were when you were taking infant first steps in the recovery process.

Setting goals for your today and future self along with establishing practical steps to achieve those goals is a big part…


Back then, you may have been so deep in your mess that you had nothing to lose. But now, after all these days and weeks and months and maybe even years of sobriety, there’s so much more at risk. Besides, you’ve got all this knowledge and experience now, right? So you should be an expert in figuring out what to do with your new life, right? Maybe so, and if this is you, congratulations! Keep working each day to become a better version of you using the information you gained. 

If this is not you, keep reading.

Armed with the knowledge that you’ve graduated a program and have taken massive steps away from your old life, you can feel empowered, ready to conquer the world. Or you can feel fearful that one wrong step will put you right back at square one, disappointing everyone around you (and yourself, although this is often still an afterthought). With this kind of pressure on your shoulders, you may decide to stay really small and just kind of hide out in life, not really taking any risks or ruffling any feathers. You may not even know what you want out of life because you’ve lived for so long doing everything for everyone else.

Enter coaching! Where therapy and counseling tend to be past-focused, coaching is present- and future-focused. Setting goals for your today and future self along with establishing practical steps to achieve those goals is a big part of what I do with clients. Through this process you will begin to know and feel and then decide what YOU want to do with YOUR life. What lights you up? What isn’t really you anymore? Together we design a life you’re so excited about!

Always Here to Support You,