From Existing to LIVING, One Step At A Time

By now you have heard that exercise is good for you. That’s almost a given. It can provide physical benefits such as muscle and bone strength, decreased risk for heart diseases, management of blood sugar levels, improved sexual health, aid with weight control, and better sleep. This last one could really go in the mental category as well, because, let’s face it… when you don’t get enough sleep, your mood is usually affected!

The mental benefits that come from adding some movement to your routine include but are not limited to improved mood, better ability to handle stress, and maintaining a sharp mind (the ability to think and learn quickly).

Once you’ve achieved a fitness goal… what else can you conquer?

But wait, there’s more!

Beyond these, exercise can help you see physical changes in your life that provide proof-positive to your brain that change is indeed possible, even thought you may truly believe that starting a new routine can really suck at first. Once you’ve successfully made it through a set number of workouts or have achieved a fitness goal, the question has to be asked: What else can you conquer?

The mind is now open to start really dreaming, envisioning, and living a life true to your best self. Better choices can be made with these new goals in mind, and, in time, a whole new life can be created from just one simple change: Adding exercise to your weekly routine.

The “Fitness Prescription”

I coach my clients to exercise 3 times per week for a minimum of 30 minutes each session. At first, some may not even be ready for anything strenuous due to physical limitations, etc. Because my background is in fitness, I can suggest options to meet my client wherever he or she is on the fitness spectrum. The goal is to feel successful at the end of it all, not defeated. After a few weeks of working at a steady pace, many are amazed at newfound strength and are ready to take on more, both physically and mentally.

Give it a try! If you’re not sure where to start, hit me up in the comments or shoot me an email. You’ve got nothing to lose (except maybe some extra lbs?) and all of these incredible benefits to gain.

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